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Vitex Glass Knife

This is an 9 Knife box from an old collection, it is a bit of a history lesson, but we have some clear glass knives out there. This Vitex is in excellent condition with a good blade length, it is an enticing way for someone wanting for an old-time glass knife.

Vitex Glass Knife Amazon

This is a glass Knife made of Vitex glass, it is a stylish and functional tool. The blade is with a high-quality of glass, it comes with a clamshell design which makes it effortless to carry. The vintage Vitex glass Knife is valuable for suitors who appreciate to cook! The Knife is manufactured of high-quality, veteran-quality glass, and features a beautiful rosette design, this Knife is excellent for serving food with accuracy and a smooth blade. This is a beautiful 1930 s Vitex glas clear glass Knife that is new to the ny worlds fair 2022, this Knife is 9 long and is fabricated of wood. It is overall good with some minor flaws, it offers the usual Vitex products which include a black glass blade and a black glass handle. The Vitex glass Knife is a top quality Knife that is top-of-the-heap for any job, it is manufactured with high quality materials that have been used and tested for their ability to last. The Knife also comes with an original box cutlery, this Knife is top-notch for shoppers who covet to protect themselves and their property with a good, strong knife.