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Vintage Blue Glass Table

This is a beautifully designed and well made mirror top accent tables 40 the Table is produced of cobalt Blue mirror material and it is accented with a pair of end tables, this Table is an enticing value for the price you pay.

Antique Blue Glass Coffee Table

This beautiful antique Blue coffee Table renders 6 panels which are overlaid with Vintage glass slag glass and lead metal overlaying, the Table is from a still occasionally used home and imparts a vintaged look to it. The Table as it's own entity so there are no exposed metal members here, just high quality Blue glass, this is a practical value for your home, or just because! This Vintage Blue glass Table is a top-notch example of an art deco Table make sure to find a Table in a colors that will add interest to your home. The surface is cobalt Blue with a cream cover and the tables top is accented with a small Blue mirror, the Table is a splendid addition to room and is sure to produce feedback from guests. This is a beautifully designed and/or- more likelyably- made glass Table top the Table is created in two colors (light Blue and bright blue) that are both interesting and stylish, the Table is comfortable to place, thanks to its soft and comfortable fabric. It comes with a light Blue perforated glass jar shown in the image below, the hand-made look found on this Table top is evident in the alternative the light Blue and bright Blue are mixed together to create a beautiful, vintage-y look. The Table as well made from perforated glass which gives it a nice, durable feel, plus, the light Blue and bright Blue are basic to clean - just watery detergent to the glass perforations (or just let the glass dry completely - it's still a table! ) and you're good to go. This Vintage Blue glass Table is a beautiful mid century art deco coffee Table with etched Blue mirror glass top, the Table is fabricated of pre-crisp glass and is about 12"w x 20"s x 24"h. The Table options include an is a valuable addition to each home improvement or home space, it is sure to this Table is a beautiful statement piece. The etching is from the person's art and is showing as a beautiful Blue etching on the glass, this Table always a crowd favorite with its beautiful etched Blue mirror glass top.