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Tequila Glasses

These 6 heavy base shot glasses are terrific substitute to show off your wine or liquor skills at your next party, they come with a cordial glass for added entertainment. Also includes the 6 Tequila glasss which are top surrogate to enjoy your wine or liquor while around others.

Tequila Glasses Walmart

Our glasses are sterling for any wine that needs a little boost, perfect for when you need to drink against the clock or to put a smile on your face while on a wine tour. These delicious Tequila glasses are hand-blown and come with a mexican take on the confetti design shot, they are sensational for a lively party or momentous occasion. Looking for a fun and festive alternative to show off your wine-tasting credentials? These ohio-made whiskey glasses are first rate alternative to wine-tasting, the Tequila glass by historical modern designs glasses in either black or white. They're backed by a durable design made from plastic, so they'll last long in any environment, and are available in both men and women's sizes, the set of 6 Tequila glasses heavy base shot glass is an unrivaled substitute to enjoy your liquor the substitute that you have never experienced before. These glasses are made of heavy base glass and feature some of the most iconic elements of liquor such as a bottle of whiskey and a twist of lime, the back of the glass gives a logo which is included on the bottle of whiskey and the lime twist. This glass is top-rated for any celebration or for use as a table token.