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Smart Glasses

Pair of Smart glasses with wireless bluetooth music headset and audio speaker, headset is hands-free so you can talk on the phone without having to look at the glasses. These glasses are wireless so you can take them off and go to your favorite music band as you work, the headset grants a built in speaker so you can have sound without having to go out and buy a soundcard.

Internet Glasses

These biz glasses are made with high-quality materials and technology to provide you with the best possible experience, the anti- blue light lens and open ear speaker provide you with an exceptional sound quality, while the comfortable ear cups will never make you feel uncomfortable in your surroundings. These sunglasses have a polarized look when you look at them, which makes him feel like it's the out of the red, the stereo speaker on these glasses makes loud noises so he don't have to talk so low. The razer anzu Smart glasses are terrific solution for folks who covet an enticing level of foggy-ness when watching tv or taking pictures, with large polarized sunglasses lenses, you can have all the vision you need for work or play. Razer anzu Smart glasses large round frame bundle is a practical alternative to get your home gaming experience to the next level, with features such as a large round frame and round lens, these glasses will provide your friends and family with a beneficial view into your world.