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Redneck Wine Glass

This Redneck Wine glass by carson is an unique surrogate to give your wine-related statement some extra oomph, the screw-on lid gives the Wine its own unique look, and the Redneck style is only beginning to be accepted among wine-lovers. This Wine glass is a first-rate surrogate to add a touch of Redneck style to your Wine message, or simply enjoy your Wine without having to worry about putting on a show.

Redneck Glasses

This Redneck Wine jar glass is a terrific gift for any Redneck who loves wine! The glass is fabricated from certified new with box, and is in top-rated condition, it is again 6" tall, and renders a small hole in the top for a tongue slug. This Redneck Wine glass is in 2 pack form and is a mason jar - Redneck hillbilly Wine glass, it is a top-grade item to have in your Wine storage or Wine room. The Redneck Wine glass is fabricated of durable plastic and is a red neck glass, it is a sterling addition to your Wine collection or as a special addition for yourself or other friends. This Wine glass is inspired by the down side of the Wine trade, it is a stylish and unique piece of wine-up Redneck style. This Wine glass is produced of durable plastic and is a practical gift for any Redneck wine-up, this Redneck Wine glass grants a template that is sterling for making several Wine drinks. The Wine glass also comes with a cap, so you can be sure that your Wine is getting serve well.