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Octagon Glasses

These glasses are from the early 1900 s and are unusual and cutesy, they are glasses that have an Octagon lens glass in them, which makes them look like they are scouring into a desire story. They are also probably some kind of flower or plant.

Cheap Octagon Glasses

These glasses are made of old-fashioned silver glass and have been in use for many years, they are these ancient, octagon-shaped glasses with a mother of pearl and case. They are addition to our store and were created by these glasses are in excellent condition with no bubbles or issues, they are fantastic addition to all collection. These vintage american optical ful-vue Octagon eyeglasses are top-notch value! They feature 12 k gf bi-focal lenses which provide first-rate field of view regardless of your viewing angle, plus, the 12 k gf design allows you to mix and match these sunglasses with other sunglasses from the same series. These sunglasses are splendid addition to your wardrobe! These vintage sunglasses have a beautiful Octagon metal frame, they are made from high quality glass, and are as good as new. They are unrivaled value for your money, and you won't be disappointed, these 1912-13 shades are in excellent condition with no issues coming in to be. The anti-glare coating means that you can read them with ease, they come with our gf which give you a very strong 5 out of 5 stars. They are sure to last for years and are fantastic value.