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Mini Fridge Glass Door

The Mini Fridge glass Door is a splendid way for your store, it's small enough to suit on the ground level of your building, but presents a large enough area that it will accommodate a large cooler. The Door also grants an 115-degree federal temperature range, so you can choose to up your product before selling it, or just store your food for later.

Glass Door Mini Fridge

This Mini Fridge is a best-in-class way for individuals with a drink refrigeration needs, it provides a small size (at just about 2 feet long and 1 foot wide) and cute glass Door design. It can store a wide variety of drinks, including soda, beer, and wine, the Fridge also comes with a cooler and dishwasher-safe option, making it practical for folks needs. It offers a led lighted Door that makes it basic to see at night or during the day, the Fridge also extends an adjustable shelf that can fit a variety of items, making it an outstanding way for small spaces. This stylish glass Door Mini Fridge is practical for your kitchen, the reversible glass Door can opens up into storage or coolers intended for beverage coolers. This Mini Fridge is basic to set up and is sensational for small spaces, the glass Door is furthermore good for keeping food cold for long periods of time. The glass Door makes it uncomplicated to handle and keep things clean, the Fridge also features a cooler for storage, so you can keep all your food or wine in one place.