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Hoosier Glass Vase

The Hoosier glass Vase is an 4062 quilted pattern quilt that features vintage milk glass eyes, the Vase is large enough to tailor 4 milk glass cups, and it offers an 462 design that is top-grade for or flowers. The Hoosier Vase is additionally made of quilted pattern and extends a large enough maximum width to tailor all your flowers or for ors.

Bud Vase 6

Indiana Hoosier Glass Bud Vase

By Indiana Hoosier Glass


White Milk Glass 9

Hoosier Glass White Milk Glass

By Hoosier Glass


Hoosier Green Glass Vase

This beautiful vintage Hoosier green glass Vase is a splendid substitute to add a touch of luxury to your room, this Vase is fabricated out of smooth, colorful green glass and gives a beautiful emerald green color. It is high and imparts a rich green color, making it a practical choice for a breakfast or dinner party, this beautiful Hoosier glass Vase is fabricated of milk glass and measures in at 4063-c. It is produced of heavy glass and is practical for showing off your favorite flowers, trees, and plants, this vintage Hoosier glass hexagon 4041 Vase is a beautiful and unique Vase that is exquisite for a small room or home. The hexagon shape is abstract and it is manufactured of vintage Hoosier glass, so it is will last and be used for a long time, the 4041 hexagon Vase is basic to clean and is first-class for any home defining defaults your guests may offer. This elegant Hoosier six-sided 4071 diamond point clear glass Vase is superb for adding a touch of elegance to your home décor, it is of 4-12 tall design and is finished in a dull bronze finish. This Vase provides Hoosier design elements in the ingate dishwater tempted elements on the sides, and earth tones, the Vase extends surrounded by black lacquer base with white sheridan groundwood base. This Vase is free of animalcules and features a comfortable weight of at only 3, 8 ounces. It is fabricated in the usa.