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Glass Telephone Insulators

This is a vintage mixed lot set of Telephone pole insulation glass ceramic pyrex 10 insulators, they are 10 insulations, which is 10 pieces of the same product. They are in splendid condition and would make a best-in-class addition to your home.

Telephone Pole Glass Insulators

This item is a two piece insulator with a see-through side, the bottom piece is manufactured of vintage glass and the top piece is of antimony glass. They are then covered in a heavy-gauge wire mesh material that is low-tar and non-toxic, the Telephone pole pieces are then secured with screws or magnets. This is a splendid opportunity to have a new instance of Telephone wire installed, the Telephone pole presents been replaced many times and may have some county graffiti on it. These Insulators will protect the pole from damage and protect the area around the pole from dust and debris, this blue glass Telephone pole Insulators is from the era of the vintage Telephone line which was created in 1881. The line was founded by the american entrepreneur the line was in service from 1881 to 1893, the violet glass Telephone pole Insulators are made of blue glass and are insulating in nature. They are found on Telephone poles and are used to protect the Telephone line from damage, the Insulators are made of aqua may 2 1893. This glass Telephone insulator is from the era of no, 16 dark forest green glass insulator. It is a top-grade addition to each teletypist's toolkit.