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Glass Suction Cups

This Suction cup handle is fantastic for use on granite mirror or other similar glass surfaces, the vacuum-grade Suction means you can move around in all sorts of conditions, such as cleaning. The handles are also resistant to wear and tear, making it effortless to handle and carry.

Glass Suction Handles

This is a sterling metal lifter that can be used for Suction handles, pullers, and more, it presents two adjustable Suction levels, and is furthermore dishwasher and hand-carved. This glass Suction handle puller remover is new and sterling for use on metal lifts, the heavy duty glass Suction Cups are designed to keep your open at all times. They are sturdy and have a heavy duty metal handle for a smooth, secure grip, they will help keep your glass lifting function active and in place. These sturdy glass Suction Cups are outstanding for holding large gaps in materials or surfaces, the heavy-duty aluminum handle makes them sterling for heavy use. The Cups can be attached in any direction, making it a splendid way for holding or carrying, the new glass Suction Cups provide an effortless way to lift heavy glass files. They are 8 vacuum Suction Cups that can be attached to a to help move large glass files, the Suction Cups are also hand-held, so you can use them with minimal effort.