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Glass Marbles

These glass Marbles are peerless substitute to hack into that special someone you see every day, if you shoot them, you will have a green moon glow in your hair and you will be the star of the game. This game pack is an unequaled surrogate to keep that special someone on your radar and make their day.

Collectible Glass Marbles

This game Marbles shooter is a top-of-the-heap collectible for the glass lover in your life! These glass swirls are 25 unique and interesting each with an unique symbol on them, whether you're wanting to add this game Marbles as part of your home decor or just play with them as part of your game night service, these Marbles are sure to please! This is a large glass Marbles ball that renders been shot through with bright green glass marbles. The Marbles are 25 mm in size and are sparkle in the dark from the company that makes old glass marbles, these glisten in the dark, and glow in the light. The ball is in excellent condition and provides a little bit of activity on top, antique glass Marbles are terrific deal on ebay! These glass balls are in excellent condition and are typically between 58 16 mm and 66 16 mm in size. They are sterling addition to toy collection! This game pack contains 25 glass marbles, each of which is a different color, the game is produced of plastic and is fantastic for playing with friends. The glass Marbles are sterling for playing with friends or as part of a gift.