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Glass Figurines

Looking for some new and exciting glass Figurines to add to your collection? Don't search more than the hand blown glass animals and cow Figurines from murano decor, these beautiful pieces were created with extreme care by talented artist's in the murano decorative art. Whether you're searching for an unique piece to add to your home decor or just because, we've got just the thing! Our glass animals and cows are high-quality, high-res glass Figurines that are enticing for your home, payment is fabricated through so feel free to take a look and make your purchase.

Cobalt Blue #1316 Small Epic Duck 5-1/8” Animals & Figurines

Viking Glass Cobalt Blue #1316



Owl Figurine Milk White
Shiny Glossy Green White Sitting Bear Figure 2.5
Cat And Bluebird Figurines Leo Ward

Vintage Terra Studios Blue Art

By Terra Studios



Glass 1" Snails, Lot of

By Unmarked


Glass Figures

This beautiful glass figure of a happiness bird is manufactured from art glass and penalties unequaled addition to all home or office, the figure is extortionately beautiful and is a terrific addition to home or office. This glass happiness bird is josh fenton's (1892-1937) final work and is constituted of a collection of more than 370, 000 pieces, the collection is based on the idea that "itanic had become happy" and the aim was to create a living, breathing embodiment of the art. The series began in 2002 and ended in 2007, this unique collectible glass figurine is signed, pink opalescent glass bird. It is a beautiful piece that is sure to make a statement, this bird is captioned "opalescent glass bird" and is a substitute glass bird tattoo. It is a figment name and is no longer made, this piece is a beautiful addition to all collection. This is a beautiful and unique glass figurine! This figurine is molded and is glossy jadeite jade glass mosser made, there is a bit of a mossy patina to the build which is amazing! The light color shown is very cool and the bird is very colorful and fun! This is an unique glass figurine statue of a snail that provides been clear glass on the inside with a color. The sculpture is complete with a beautiful clear glass top and a few small details that make it complete, this statue is a sterling addition to collection and is an enticing addition to each home as a beautiful piece of art or as a source of comfort and companionship.