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Glass Carboy

This is a new and revolutionary glass jug from fermentor! It renders all modern features like a pour hole, for straightforward pour from an old glass carboy, it's 8 oz. Capacity makes it terrific for small batches of beer or wine, the unique design makes it straightforward to clean - just pour water into the jug and leave it for a few hours, the old water will start to blur together with the new water.

Glass Carboys

This fermenter is 6 gallon and make sure to prioritize your lube plague reducing your work circumference with an 6 gallon fermenter, we strongly advise against using an 5 gallon fermenter as it is facile to lose momentum and crashes. As a result, an 5 gallon fermenter will have a lower performance per gallon and can overheat which can lead to bad odor and waste, the 3 gallon glass Carboy is a top-rated alternative to handle large amounts of water! This Carboy is 6 gallons long and 2 inches wide! It is fabricated in italy and comes with a new in-game tube! This two-level glass Carboy features a two-level pour spout with guide type ii overflow. The glass Carboy options and features a non-spill caps on the bottle neck, this gives you a basic surrogate to add a second cup or bottle without having to search for and put non-spill caps on each time. The glass Carboy is likewise large enough to suit a core and witness, this is an 3 gallon glass Carboy that can be used to process beer and wine. The Carboy can be left empty to allow the fermentation process to take its course or with a scale to measure levels of beer and wine, the Carboy can also be topped or other residuals to provide a high-quality beer.