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Glass Bong

This 16 glass Bong will make your smoking experience even more enjoyable, this Bong is crafted from water bongs in a tornado percolate style. It presents a pink bowl with 18 mm bowl and an 16 logo, it as well filled with 16 glass bongs. This Bong can be used for smoking as well as vaping, this 16 glass Bong is a valuable addition to your marketing efforts.

Glass Bong Amazon

This glass Bong will fight with all other glass bongs in that it is top-notch with a swirl of titanium perforation and a turquoise green glass Bong bowl, this glass Bong as well glass with a perforated turbine bowl and an 12% oxygen gas flow rate. This Bong is produced with the 12 tornado glass and it contains 12% oxygen and is capable of an oxygen occupancy rate, this 10 inch glass hookah smoking beaker Bong provides a beautiful blue water pipe glass Bong look and feel. The Bong is 10 inches in diameter and extends a glow in the dark finish to it, this Bong is unequaled for any hookah smoking occasion! The 8 inch glass hookah water pipe Bong is excellent for folks hunting for a high-level smoking experience. With its 8 inch glass design, this Bong is sure to please even the most demanding smokers, the clear plastic shade also makes it uncomplicated to see the content of your smoke, while the 5 free screens make it uncomplicated to see who is talking to you. Are you hunting for an unique and stylish glass Bong that you can enjoy while smoking your favorite herb? This is a splendid product for you! This Bong is fabricated of heavy glass and features a glow in the dark hookah handle, it is sensational for enjoying a refreshing smoke while being used as a part of a photo graph or photo session.