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Glass Blunt

Introducing the new glass Blunt smoking mini twisty glass Blunt metal tip w cleaning brush! This unique design offers a slimmed-up take on the modern smoking experience, with its slimmed-up design and clean-up power, this tool is unequaled for an individual who wants to keep their smoking clean and tidy. The glass blunt's slimmed-up design also makes it uncomplicated to handle, so you can get the job done quickly, plus, the metal tip means it can be used for a wide range of various tasks, from cleaning to fil.

Glass Twisty Blunt

This is an unique and beautiful digging creature! The white rhino glass is smooth and Blunt which makes it fantastic for making Blunt free shipping requests! This is a random color smoking pipe made of twisted glass, it is Blunt and presents a Blunt handle. The mouth of the pipe is filled with a mix of culture and again tobacco, the tobacco makes the pipe feel rich and rich in flavor. The glass is a beneficial material for art and for use as a smoking pipe, this is a brand new, upgraded glass sharpening mini with a clean cleaning brush and metal tip. It's sensational for smoking twists or for use as a sharpening stone, the metal tip is additionally splendid foreday for sharpening pencils or other metal objects. This is a new design smoking mini twisty glass pipe, it provides a smoking mini twisty glass pipe body with a metal tip. The metal tip extends a twisty glass pipe style design, the metal tip is 2 inches in length and the twisty glass pipe length is in at 5 inches. The brush is black and measures 3 inches in length, the twisty glass pipe is stored on a black background with white stars. The glass is glassine and the brush is plastic, the plastic brush is black and measures 3 inches in length.