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Cordial Glasses

This set of 8 vintage etched crystal Cordial glasses and 3 glasses is an exceptional addition to your cart, these glasses come with an exceptional wanting and stylish design. They are in excellent condition and are top deal, sorry, these are not a gift.

Best Cordial Glasses

This set glasses is a beautiful set of 6, the etching is vintage and etching is etching beautifully. The cups etching black enamel and the glasses sets of 6, these vintage crystal etching Cordial glasses are beautiful addition to sett. The etching is in the glass and it is very well done, the skin is deep and the color is accurate to the image. The arms and sides of the glasses are also well done, they are good product and they will add a touch of luxury to sett. Looking for some new and exciting sunglasses? Search no more than the 6 yellow opalescent Cordial glasses! These glasses are button-pattern style, with a very antique-looking design, with their bright, yellow colors, they are sure to be a hit with anyone searching for a little bit of light in the daytime. These Cordial or glasses are set of three and they are peerless for a toast to the day or just cracking a smile, they are made from high quality glass and are really basic to take off and on.