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Blue Glass Vase

This beautiful Blue glass Vase with white light Blue speckles is enticing for putting up your favorite art piece, the 3. 5 tall Vase is unequaled for large criminal or animal paintings.

Cheap Blue Glass Vase

This vintage cobalt Blue bud Vase is 3, 5 tall and extends an unequaled color. It provides a smooth surface with a few adherence issues, but with a bit of a high level of maintenance, it offers plateaued at a slightly higher level for many years. The background color is a nice deep Blue and the leaves and flowers are in first-rate condition, there is a bit of in the surface due to the tight fit of the vase. Overall, vintage swirled marble glass is a practical vintage classic Vase that in its 3, 5 height is unrivalled for large plants. This vintage beehive art deco cobalt Blue glass bud Vase is 6, 5 tall and it is manufactured of vintage glass. It is good for digging at flowers and plants, the cobalt Blue glass is beautiful and it is a splendid gift for suitors who are digging for a beautiful and affordable gift. This Blue glass Vase is a classic but so practical for a vintage nicely done home, the Vase is fabricated of 9. 5 Blue glass and features a nice, bright Blue color, it isoptions: this Vase can easily be turned into a beautiful flower setup. The Blue material and the white color make this Vase a fantastic alternative for any home, this unique artisan hand-blown glass Vase is a valuable addition to all room. It is 13' tall and contemporary abstract style, the clear Blue glass makes it a top-rated addition to room.